All he could feel was coldness. 
Until he met her. 

Her skin underneath his touch was as hot as the burning sun. 

She never knew she could feel so close to anyone again. 
Until she met him. 

His touch told her she wasn’t alone and that made her heart race. 

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My blog wil make you dream…..Let’s fly together

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Reblogging so I don’t lose this again.

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Sorry everyone for the long time I haven’t been answering. It’s my 2nd to the last year of college and I got my thesis now. And well, that takes most of my time as I chose animation as my medium.

Plus, i am not as enthusiastic about answering much now to be honest. As an artist, i want to see myself grow and thus, my art has been focused on improving and practising my digital painting. And with my time being seriously caught up with either improving or doing college work, i just don’t know if i can post more than one answer. 

I am actually contemplating on options:

1. closing Anonymous asks

2. Let somebody else answer for the while.

So yeah, i am really at cross roads. What do you think? i don’t want to give up this blog as I cherished all those who supported and asked this blog a whole lot of questions. But it just got difficult for me to draw out the answers for a while because of the time.


he is obviously pretty overwhelmed…..


managed to draw a few. Finally got a rest day. xD